We do

Location Sound Recording

Interviews - Field Recording

All recordings are done at Cinematic quality level on high end Sound Devices recorders with a wide choice of microphones, including a high end Mid Side Kit for wide stereo imaging

Audio Post Production

high end post production

Our seamless post production workflow has been developed based on our location sound recording techniques, speeding up the audio post process while maintaining the highest grade in quality

DJI Inspire 2 Drone

Sky is the limit

We put down our sound recorder when the Director asks for drone footage and take care of your aerial shots with our DJI Inspire 2 kit in Apple ProRes 5K geared with a multitude of interchangeable lenses

Why us?

Best Recording Quality

After 20 years of experience, our Field Recording techniques and knowledge provide for crisp and Cinematic sound quality for all platforms

Drone Footage

Our Sound Engineer is a highly skilled CASA licensed ReOC - RePL - AROC drone operator flying a rigged DJI Inspire 2 Kit in Apple ProRes 5K resolution

Recording and Editing

We have developed seamless workflows in field recording and post production to cut cost and save time to allow for more creative energy and headspace