Pre Flight Safety Briefing - Burning House

Air Space Verification

Petrol Refinery - Tank Mapping

Petrol Refinery Inspection - Safety Check

DJI Inspire 2 - Inspection Kit

DJI Inspire 2 - Cendence Remote Control

Drone on Drone Shoot - Burning House

Swoop Aero Medical Drone - Burning House

Aspendale Gardens Wet Lands

Petrol Refinery - Pipe Inspection

HMVS Cerberus Mapping R&D - Heritage Victoria

Petrol Refinery Inspection - Filmic Productions

'We Have Time' Documentary - Taranaki Farm

Petrol Refinery Inspection - Exclusion Zone

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Drone

Harmless Thermal Imaging on our dog Couscous

Inspire 2 Assistant - Data Wrangling

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Thermal Imaging

DJI TB50 Battery Set

For the past 3.5 years, we have invested heavily, not only in expensive drone equipment, interchangeable lenses and accessories, but also in acquiring the costly and very time consuming CASA Licenses. We have taken private classes, been well educated and learned how to fly a lens properly with veteran helicopter Navy Rescue and Film Pilot Jerry Grayson (AFC), who has a 35 year career in aerial filming at the highest levels in the film industry, he is our mentor in the drone realm and we are proud to collaborate regularly on different projects.

Operating legally with the following Civil Aviation Safety Authority Licenses:

Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC): allowing us to commercially fly drones above the sub 2Kg category and up to 25Kg's. This license allows us to fly not only at night but also within Restricted and Controlled Airspaces, near airports with the appropriate CASA authorisation. The application form for which can be downloaded here below and submitted directly to CASA by the Production or Client:

Application for RPA flight authorisation (area approval / permission) form 101-09 (PDF 165.18 KB)

Aeronautical Operator Certificate (AROC): allowing us to communicate legally and directly with the control tower or aircraft within controlled airspace and monitor air traffic around our operational perimeter.

Remote Pilot License: allowing us to fly Drones in the sub 2Kg category. We have a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom available for low budget projects and access to a range of Phantom 4 - Phantom 4 Pro drones.

Insurance: we have a 20 Million Dollar Public Liability insurance coverage with a proper aeronautical insurance broker.

Flying with our DJI Inspire 2 kit requires us to proceed with several legal safety checks including: feasibility check, on site Job Safety Assessment (can be done during recce), detailed Checklists, Pre Flight Safety Briefing and Checks, consent forms.

The full kit includes:

DJI Inspire 2 Drone, X5S MFT camera, interchangeable lenses Olympus 15mm, 25mm, 45mm and more, Advanced Cendence Remote control, original DJI remote control for dual operation, Polar Pro Cinema ND/PL filters (ND/PL4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 64), 4 sets of TB50 Batteries, solar panels with 12V battery relayed to an 800w inverter for remote location recharging, Icom IC-A16 CASA approved radio comm for aeronautical communication, dual radio communication set for spotter, blades guard for safety, cones for safety perimeter and take off/landing zone, protective helmet, high visibility jacket.

We take flying drones very seriously in terms of safety for everyone on set and around the filming area by always making sure to fly within the CASA rules, regulations and Visual Line Of Sight.

We are often challenged and pushed very hard to fly, higher, lower, closer and faster by Clients and Directors but to be clear, when our drone is airborne, we will make that feasibility call on behalf everybody and all assets safety.

Besides shooting aerial video content, we also provide Asset Inspection work (Mobil Altona Refinery Contractor), Aerial Survey, 3D Mapping and Modelling. We take care of all pre flight planning for mapping as well as Post Process and 3D Rendering.