Our Sound Engineer is a highly skilled and licensed CASA ReOC - RePL - AROC  drone operator, he the massive advantage to provide and handle all necessary aerial shots on set.

We safely fly and shoot with a DJI Inspire 2 in Apple ProRes 5K resolution on a X5S camera with a multitude of interchangeable lenses, Polarised Neutral Density filters, Cendence Remote Control and other bells and whistles.

Focusing only on the telemetry and positioning of the drone while the D.O.P deals with the airborne camera on the second remote, guarantees much higher chances to nail the shot compared to single operators.

We fly and respect all the CASA rules and regulations by taking care of all the pre-production safety assessments and legal requirements prior the shooting date and we have a 20 Million Dollars Public Liability Insurance coverage for peace of mind.

Get in touch for more detailed information at production@thesoundcell.com or call the Chief Remote Pilot at 0423 810 179.