We work with the industry standard audio editing software Pro Tools since 1995 as well as Steinberg Nuendo since 2004, which is superior than Pro Tools in workflow architecture, functionality and speed for audio post-production work. In fact, we love to call Nuendo 'the professional version of Pro Tools' which seems to offend many Pro Tools users a fair bit and we are totally ok with that, it always gives us a good laugh, that's what matters the most!

Our post-production workflow has been constantly fine-tuned and tweaked over the past 25 years to make sure we minimise repetitive and boring tasks as much as possible, so we can focus on the more creative energy and fun part of the project. Our extensive sound effects library has been meticulously labelled with detailed Metadata and neatly classified in our maintained Sound Effects Library database, all available in under a second at the call of keywords.

If a sound effect is not available in the library, no worries, we simply create it, especially with Foley's work being one of our favourite parts of the post process, to give a scene as many detailed layers and texture as it needs to be alive and to keep the audience fully connected!

We deliver sound design, dialogue editing, sound mixes and mastering for Films, Documentaries, Online content and Broadcast mastering at -24LKFS and Netflix Specs for TV Commercials, Shows and Feature Films.

After mixing countless promo trailers and projects for the BBC Studios in the last 13 years and over 500 documentaries in four different languages for The Discovery Channel and Sony Entertainment Television for the Asia Pacific Region in the past, we know what the word 'Deliverables' mean and how to output them properly.