The Sound Cell is a boutique audio production company based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in sound design, location sound and customised recording, music composition, mixing for broadcast and online content.

Our Mission Statement is to continuously provide, in a creative and passionate way, the highest standard of sound quality across all medium.

For the past decade we’ve worked intimately with the BBC Worldwide Channels, while also frequently collaborating with The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Crime & Investigation Network, Biography Channel and History Channel.

Often commissioned by advertising agencies to create and produce soundtracks for (highly awarded) TV commercials, we also have extensive experience and a very soft spot in designing longer format audio for documentaries, feature films and award winning shorts.

We provide a wide range of services locally and internationally at affordable rates, and always happy to provide a quotation to meet any given budget.

For further details or inquiries,

Call +61 423 810 179

or drop us a line: production@thesoundcell.com