Koji’s Odyssey is a fun and engaging animation series about the adventures of Koji, an eight-year-old boy who can become any animal he touches.

For his last birthday Koji’s grandfather gave him a special suit that allows him to transform into any creature on land or sea. Together with his robot friend Tooey, Koji helps animals in trouble, and in the process he learns about a new animal.

Most of the animals’ troubles are caused by Hambleton Gage Snowbarger III, an eccentric billionaire who is building animal theme parks everywhere and who will let nothing get in his way.

Each episode, with the help of Koji’s brilliant inventor grandfather and Tooey, Koji helps a new animal, using its unique characteristics to win the day.

Koji’s Odyssey teaches children about animals through Koji’s exciting adventures. Not only are the stories engrossing and heartwarming, children will also absorb interesting animal facts and positive messages as they watch.

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